The purpose of the BELOIT FIELD ARCHERS is to foster, expand, and perpetuate the practice of outdoor and indoor archery, and the spirit of good fellowship among all sportsman, to encourage the use of the bow in hunting all legal game and to co-operate with any national and state organization with which the club may become affiliated, to secure better hunting privileges for bowhunters, to co-operate with state conservation programs, to maintain outdoor and indoor courses and conduct outdoor and indoor tournaments, and games in accordance with the rules of the club or with which ever national or state organization the club is affiliated with at the time.
We are currently affiliated with the WISCONSIN ARCHERY ALLIANCE, and a chartered club with the NATIONAL FIELD ARCHERY ASSOCIATION

Club house phone number: 608-201-4385

BFA 2020 Officers
President:    Danielle Stauffacher
Vice President:  John Lindeman
Secretary:  John Zanolla
Treasurer:   Karl Nelson   

1 Year Term:   Rick Knorr
1 Year Term:   Dave Smith
1 Year Term:   Jeremy Landphier
2 Year Term:   Dick Lindeman
2 Year Term:   Jeff Kuhl
2 Year Term:   Wyatt Scharlau

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